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Our Team

Mehran Zanjani

 General Manager


Farzin Parvaneh 

 Technical Manager


Naveen Agrawal

 Support in India

What we do?

We are a perfect team of engineers, architects and stone supplies located in Germany, Norway and India with experience in

selecting the best material

from India to supply you as costumer. We can supply marble and Granite for different projects in Hotels, Airports, Malls or private homes. Please contact us for an offer for your project by mail or phone. 


Scandic Stone AS

Vekkomsvegen 139

2630 Ringebu


Cell phone:

+47 97761928

we love what we do

Import of Marble & Granite


The Origin of our Stone

Our product comes from India, Italy and Norway and originates of indian stone's from province Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is Asia‘s largest Marble Mandi (market). Here are more than 9,000 marble vendors, suppliers, manufacturers and exporters in one place. We are one of them and proud of it.

In Rajasthan you will get a huge variety of Indian and Italy marble, granite, sandstone and limestone of the best quality. The province´s name is registered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest producer of marble of the world.